modlfö - Leonardo Laguna Ruiz

Steiner-Parker VCF

This is my version of a Steiner-Parker VCF for Eurorack format. This implementation is based on the design by Yves Usson (Yusynth).

If you don’t know the story. I’m trying to build my own Eurorack synthesizer… and by build I mean creating all the modules. Most of the modules (and synthesizers) that I have built are hand-soldered in perfboards. For this module, I wanted something more “professional” looking. That’s why I decided to design and manufacture the PCBs. In this case I used CircuitMaker.

Vult-Analog Steiner-Parker VCF

You can find the original design here Yusynth

The module consist of three boards: a panel, a control board and the analog board. If you want to make your own, you can find my original design files here.

The three boards