modlfö - Leonardo Laguna Ruiz

Creative Media Workshop

The Creative Media Workshop was a kind of Hackathon led by Barak Koren and Petko Tanchev.

I applied for the event and was accepted. During the event, Barak Koren gave us an introduction to the software called TouchDesigner which is used to do real-time video generation and processing. After the introduction to the software we had one and a half day to come up with an idea and complete a project.

I have always been a “audio” guy, but for the first time I had the opportunity to explore video generation. I had a clear idea about what I wanted to do, and teamed up with Ivona Ivanova who helped me develop the visuals. The project we developed was called “Visceral Dance”.

The project was selected to be part of the exhibition at the Night of the Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv. You can read more about the event in Petko Tanchev’s and Barak Koren’s blogs.