modlfö - Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Using Arduinos as SystemModeler Components
Blog Post

This is a post in the Wolfram blog. It presents the ModelPlug library for SystemModeler.

Design and Optimization of Power Delivery and Distribution Systems Using Evolutionary Computation Techniques
PhD Thesis

This is my full PhD. thesis converted to HTML and presented as a single page.

Platform for fast evaluation and optimization of power systems

This is a short version of my thesis where I present the full platform.

Fast architecture generation and evaluation techniques for the design of large power systems

This paper focused in techniques used to automatically generate power architectures.

Power conversion modeling methodology based on building block models

Here I presented modeling methodologies to characterize power converters. In addition, I presented the tool to simplify capturing and generating models.

Generalized methodology for the analysis and design of multiphase converters with integrated magnetics

Here I presented the modeling and analysis of some cool magnetic core structures that I came up with.

Other miscellaneous papers

More papers can be found in the IEEE Xplore by searching by author: “L. Laguna”.