modlfö - Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Steiner-Parker VCF

This is my version of a Steiner-Parker VCF for Eurorack format. This implementation is based on the design by Yves Usson (Yusynth).

Signal Buffer

This is a very simple module that I made to protect other signal generators just in case I make a mistake. A simple active buffer with a few operational amplifiers.


Vult is a simple programming language made to produce high-performance algorithms that can run on small processors like Arduinos.


Pla is an OCaml library and ppx syntax extension to create composable templates based on verbatim strings.


ModelPlug is a library for SystemModeler. ModelPlug allows you to connect simulation models with Arduino boards and use them to input/output signals.

3D Models

These are a few models that I have designed for different applications.


The MicroBruto is a digital synthesizer with controllers inspired by the MicroBrute.


Mocotron is an imitation of the Monotron synthesizer made in Reaktor.


This is a hybrid synthesizer that I hacked during the MIDIHACK 2014 in Stockholm.


This is a small program that I made to learn/test Atom-shell (now Electron) and Angular.js. This program allows you to communicate and configure Firmata boards like Arduino.

Ocaml Firmata

This is a Ocaml library that allows you to access Firmata boards.

Teensy Braids

I took the source code of the Mutable-Intruments Braids and adapted it to a Teensy board with a nice OLED display. Then I 3D-printed a case and made it a cool synthesizer.

HMH Mixer

This is an educational project I made to get a better understanding on mixing sound.

MeeBlip Editor

This is an editor for the Meeblip synthesizer. I use it with the Meeblip micro.

Water Bobot

I assembled this project using the Rover 5. It uses an Arduino for the low-level control (current balancing, speed control) and a Raspberry Pi to receive OSC messages.


I made this board to add more I/O to other projects. It uses a PIC16F1516 and is controlled by I2C.


This is program inspired by the app SoundPrism. It does no have all the features of SoundPrism but it allows you hack the code and personalize it.

Noname Synth

This is a small synthesizer I made by reusing parts from other projects. Internally it has an XMOS processor and uses phase distortion synthesis.


This was the first programs that I made in the HP49G+ calculator using the C compiler (I have done many for the HP49G). It is a logic function minimizer using the Quine-MacCluskey method.